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HaworthHaworth Different organizations have different needs. That's why Haworth offers the most versatile and well-designed furniture systems in the world. We introduced the first pre-wired, modular office panel in 1976, panel-to-panel cabling in 1998, and have been the systems leader and innovator since.
Geiger InternationalFor over forty years, Geiger International has inspired the A+D community by pioneering the design and manufacturing of modular wood casegoods and architectural furniture for private offices and commercial interiors. Today, Geiger's excellent reputation for design, engineering and craftsmanship continues to enhance business interiors with an elegant and intelligent portfolio of product solutions for the modern workplace. From executive and professional personal offices to collaborative and productive environments for knowledge workers, Geiger delivers excellent value and return on investment through timeless design, superior materials, integrated technology and an unwavering commitment to quality, ecology and customer service.

Kimball Office...Create productive work environments with our broad line of quality casegoods, seating, and systems products.

An exciting mix of wood, metal, laminate, paint, and fabrics, our office solutions will enhance your distinctive image and provide exceptional value and flexibility for years to come. A culture of caring and a history of building warm, friendly relationships complete the package. The Kimball Office name stands for stability and reliability, and we are committed to providing the ultimate combination of excellent service and superb product solutions.

AllSteelEvery product should fit its function. And, materials and assembly methods should fit the product. There is as much waste in over-building as under-building. Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI) is one approach that ensures that all our processes are as effective and lean as possible. RCI begins with our members. Each member must own his or her contribution to the collective goal. Allsteel teams study ergonomics, economics, life-cycle analysis, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and design to bring significant benefit to everything we do. RCI challenges us as a company to use resources to their fullest.
Herman Miller
SteelCaseSteelCase filing cabinetSteelCase - From bins and shelves to bookcases and cabinets.



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